​What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you see those beautifully manicured lawns, gardens and hedges in homes, offices, hotels, parks etc.? The landscapes are to die for, right? It feels like you are almost walking in open heaven. Well, SRC Solutions, a full service residential and commercial landscaping company, make that happen. And what is most impressive is that the company has an unbelievably service plan that specifically suits your needs. Based in Salado, Texas SRC Solutions is you’re to go high quality lawn and landscape services provider.

Having amassed over 30 years of experience in the market, SRC Solutions has become one of the most sought after landscaping services provider within Texas and beyond. This landscaping company has a team of certified, committed and creative specialists whose passion for landscaping exceeds your expectations.
SRC Solutions has state of the art equipment which are operated by trained and skilled personnel, no rookies here. The range of services includes but definitely not limited to: Lawn mowing and maintenance, landscape design, installation and maintenance, shrub trimming and pruning, mulch and rock ground cover, yard cleanup for spring, summer and fall seasons.

​The eligible plants for trimming and pruning include: Early spring flowering trees and shrubs, summer blooming trees and shrubs, clipped hedges, hydrangeas, roses, shade trees, fruit trees, pine trees, evergreens, perennial and annual flowers. However, SRC Solutions does not offer large tree trimming or removal services. This is because large trees require large equipment and a specialist to perform the service but if need be, it does recommend a company that specializes in that.

When you think of the benefits that come with landscaping, you will definitely seek for the services of SRC Solutions. For example, landscaping increases the monetary value of your home/office especially when you want to sell the property. Many buyers make their buying decision based on the aesthetic value of the exterior, even before they see the interior. It is no brainer that a well landscaped and maintained property will always sell highly and quickly, than one which is not. Image is everything, what you see is what you get. The greenery in landscaping also provides cleaner and fresher air, serenity and to some people, it is also therapeutic because it creates a relaxation mood.

If you already visualizing in your mind on how you can magnificently transform your home or office by landscaping at an affordable cost, then you know exactly whose services to seek for.